Thursday, January 27, 2011

Seitan in a blanket!

I haven't had much luck with seitan, either store bought or homemade, for some reason I just prefer tempeh. But lately I have been having a crazy craving for spicy sausage wrapped in a dough, not sure if it's just a southern thing, we either call them pigs in a blanket or kolaches. This may very well be my very first intense craving for something from my non vegan days, but the craving has been quenched, thanks to a friend who cooked some seitan sausages for a football gathering on Sunday! The ones he cooked were Field Roast Mexican Chipotle seitan sausages!

My concoction goes as follows, I used pre-packaged pizza dough, pillsbury thin crust to be specific, it was ok, I prefer the frozen homemade pizza dough in the freezer section of Central Market (H.E.B.). I first cut each sausage link into four pieces lengthwise, (they are wrapped in plastic so take that off) then into three pieces so each link makes 12 wedges. I rolled out the pizza dough then cut it into strips, I had to stretch it back out a bit to make it wider for rolling around the sausage & Daiya mozzarella cheese. I uses the mozzarella cause that's what I had, I would generally prefer the cheddar & I heard a rumor today of a pepper-jack flavor coming soon!!! :) ok so back to the wrapping, stretch the dough, place the sausage in the middle, add a pinch of daiya on one side, then roll & place on a cookie sheet! I made a whole batch in a toaster over in two batches. Oh yeah, 400 degrees for 15 mins, or until beautifully golden brown!!!

I'm gonna bet some spicy brown mustard would be awesome to dip these in, but I'm a purist, no dipping these guys for me! Enjoy!

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